Body Mechanics Ballet shot: 00:05 – 00:14. Stuart Rig by Animation Mentor. I was not satisfied with the way the feet on that rig approximate a point shoe, so I made blendshapes and a simple pointe attribute to obtain a better foot pose. I also constructed the environment, modded the rig's textures, and did the skirt simulation
Acting shots: 00:15– 00:37. Youth Group 4. These shots are from my senior thesis film, which was created using Unity3D. I am responsible for every aspect of the character creation. Audio and motion capture performances from Zivan "Z" Vasquez, Natasha Shukla, Nathan Blinn, and Katie Sabel. Motion capture was used for the body performance. I hand-animated the faces and hands. The lip sync was done with Motionbuilder’s Voice Device.
Midland Safari Putt-Putt: 00:37 – 00:45. These shots are from a short film I created using flat planes animated in Maya. I am responsible for all aspects of production.
Stylized Walk Cycle: 00:46 – 00:49: Ultimate Bony Rig by Ugur Yetiskin
Paddle and Tail: 00:50 – 01:02. Ultimate Tailed Rig by Ugur Yetiskin
Body Mechanics Monkey Bars shot: 01:02 – 01:25. Ultimate Bony Rig by Ugur Yetiskin
2D Golf Ball Rig: 00:0500:28. “Model” of flat planes created by me
Created for my short, Midland Safari Putt-Putt. I wanted to combine the comparatively faster workflow of 2D animation with the powerful animation tools of Maya. For each character, I made multiple rigs for different views, a technique I learned from researching 2D puppet animation. I got a kick out of using Maya in a way that it’s not supposed to be! For an in – detailed breakdown of the various components of both 2D rigs (the 2D golf ball and the 2D giraffe), please visit my technical blog at

Squid Rig: 00:3000:48. Model by Moshe Mahler
This rig was created as part of my duties as a TA for Technical Character Animation, taught by Moshe Mahler. We needed a rig that students could use to learn tail animation and squash and stretch, but wanted to do something a little fun and weird. We came up with this squid. The squashing is done with squash handles, and I used the follicles from Maya’s hair system (XGen) to constrain the eye and tail joints to the mesh so that they translate appropriately when the body squashes and stretches.

Biped Rig: 00:501:59. Model courtesy of the Eleven Rig group
Created for Prof. Johannes DeYoung’s Character Rigging for Production class. We approached rigging in a modular manner, with the biped as a vehicle to learn different techniques that can inform rigging other characters.
2D Giraffe Rig: 2:002:31. “Model” of flat planes created by me
Also created for Midland Safari Putt-Putt, my short film. I left certain pieces of geometry in the face unskinned, to allow me to adjust them on-the-fly as I animated. I got this idea from seeing how 2D puppet animators will scale/translate/rotate shapes, sans controls.
3D Giraffe Rig: 2:323:25. Model courtesy of TurboSquid
Also created for Prof. Johannes DeYoung’s Character Rigging for Production class. We took the lessons learned from the biped and applied them to a quadruped. I picked a giraffe – noticing a theme?

Pendulum Rig: 3:263:40. Models created by me
Also created as part of my TA duties for Technical Character Animation. We needed a rig to teach the students about overlapping animation. I included a crane so that they could try the added challenge of picking something up.
Simple Ball Rig: 3:413:53. Models created by me
Also created as part of my TA duties for Technical Character Animation. This rig was for the first assignment, a ball bounce. I created different ball models so students could get in the habit of viewing reference video before creating animation.
00:04 - 00:20: Youth Pastor Rick model. Created for an animated short about a youth group. I drew the character designs and modeled the character.
00:21 - 00:48: Character Animation. Ultimate Bony Rig by Ugur Yetiskin and Bonnie Rig by Josh Sobel. Audio clip from Steel Magnolias.
00:49 - 01:01: Midland Safari Putt-Putt. Shots from a 2D animated short created using flat planes in Maya.
01:02 - 01:16: Greer. Rendered version of an animation created for a VR experience. Motion capture performance by Hannah Greer, character model by Catherine Luo.
01:17 - 01:35: Squid Rig. Created for a animation students to complete a ball and tail assignment. Model by Mo Mahler.

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